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This is our Da Vinci California logo in brown

Da Vinci California® shirts have been the original choice for men since 1952. Wearing these classic 2-tone shirts is not just about making a fashion statement - it's about embodying the California lifestyle. With the perfect blend of style and comfort, Da Vinci California® shirts are the perfect choice for any occasion. Whether you enjoy a day at the beach or a night out on the town, these shirts will make you look and feel your best. So wear your Da Vinci California® shirt with pride, and let the world know you are a Californian, at least in spirit.


Da Vinci California _ Gambino.jpg

Da Vinci California® since 1952 was founded by The Berke family in 1952, but it had been producing high quality leisure shirts since the 1940's. In 1952, Da Vinci quickly becomes the style and choice for members of the swinging Rat Pack. Frank, Dean and Sammy simply can't get enough and the rest of Hollywood were quick to follow. The 1950s Da Vinci shirts were mainly Rayon Gabardine flap pocket shirts in both solids and patterns. The late 50s and early 60s shirts are the most collected. These are the shirts that have color blocking, striping and embroidery and usually made using the iconic Shirley fabrics.

The Berkes sold the business sometime around 1967/68 to Milton Glazer. 

In the late 60s / early 70s Da Vinci California® added two labels - Scene III by Da Vinci and Da Vinci presents Delfina. John Cosgrove describes them in his Coffee Table Book about Da Vinci as "Scene III" being very Greg Brady while "Delfina" was more Mr. Brady. The first being really groovy targeted to teenagers and young men and the latter being less trendy, appealing to a more mature audience. There have been several other labels and John continue to find the odd sub-label from time to time and will be including them in the book. We hope to be able to offer John's book here shortly.

The third era was 80’s / 90s when we took it over (under a different company name).

And here we are today - Da Vinci of California 4.0

Da Vinci clothing endures, not just as a name that stands for quality, but also as a state of mind, calling upon the swinging hot shot romanticism of the '50s and to the Rock Stars and Surfers of today. The pure beauty of the Da Vinci product is evident in the authenticity of the design. Da Vinci is a high quality product made with reproductions of authentic fabric. Buttons, trim and specialty embroideries that are manufactured exactly from the original designs of the '50s, '60s and '70s are the heart of the Brand. Da Vinci is still a pure classic vintage collection due to the fact that a lot of the designs are taken from the company's massive archive of original product. Designs that combine unique color-blocking to reproduce that classic two-tones, with authentic specialty stitching gives Da Vinci a unique authentic feel. "Original since 1952" classic styling, timeless treasures to wear.

That's Da Vinci California® - "Wear the Lifestyle".

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